How To Install Your New LED Light Strips

We have put together this step by step process to help get you through your installation successfully.

Step 1️: UnBox & Test Your Light

Before mounting, unbox and fully extend your LED light strips. DO NOT POWER ON WHILE STILL IN A BUNDLE. 

Step 2: Check Your Measurements

Recalculate your preferred installation area, to ensure you have enough length to complete your desired installation

Step 3: Site Prep

Using a lightly damp cloth, wipe the installation until all dust and dirty is no longer visible to the eye. 

Step 4: Stick It On... To the Wall

Remove the 3M backing from the strip to the reveal the surface with adhesive. Once you have found the "adhesive" or sticky side, you may attempt to attach/stick/paste your light strips to the wall or desired installation site very gently. Additional help be of great help. Apply firm pressure for a secure installation.

Begin pressing your lights against the wall or other surface gently. It can be helpful to have a second person assist you by holding the lights and removing the backing as you apply them. Press firmly for a secure connection.

If your order contained 2 or 3 rolls of light strips please use the provided connector to attach each roll.

Step 5: Connect Power Adapter and RGB Control Box or LED Controller Box

For an effective installation you will need to fasten your RGB Control Box to the LED light strip. Once that's done connect the power adapter.

Step 6: Check Your Connections

Ensure all connections are secure.

Sparkle LED Installation

Step 7: Purchasing + Installing your remote battery.

Unfortunately due to shipping/logistical restrictions our LED light strips do not come with the CR2025 battery needed for installation. Please source and install your own CR2025.